Management System Quality ISO 9001 / Environmental ISO 14001 / Safety OHSAS 18001 /.


Quality Policy Environment and Safety.


 S.T.Rising manufacturer and supplier of Cleaner.Zinc phosphate Chemical and corrosion resistance of all kinds of metal plating and phosphate coating.The company focuses on providing services in all areas to satisfy their customers. We focus on producing quality products.Aware of their responsibilities to employees.AccessorySociety and the environment.By adopting quality management system.Environmental management system.Occupational health and safety management system as part of the business.Treated seriously.And under continuous development intentions are.


 1. Production and product quality.The on-time delivery and an excellent service and increase customer satisfaction.

 2. Practice of law.Other requirements of the Environmental Health and Safety.Involved with the business of the Company.Strictly 

 3. Improvement and protection of the environment at risk.

 4. Use of resources and energy efficiency.To prevent pollution of water, air, waste, and other pollutants.Arising from the activities of the Company.A minimal impact on the environment and the community.

 5. Purpose.Target operating properly.And monitoring and reviewing the implementation.The quality management system.Environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management system implementation and continuous improvement.

 6. Sufficient resources to support the implementation of the management system, personnel,time, budget and training to employees.


Policy Quality Management System. Environmental. and Safety. Published to public.





 To show their commitment to a quality system ISO.9001:2008 Environmental Management ISO.14001:2004 and Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001:2007.







Treatment systems for environmental protection and reduce environmental impact.


1.The wastewater treatment system prior to disposal by an appropriate method.







2.The air treatment system before discharge to the outside air.



3. Hazardous industrial waste sent for disposal by an appropriate method to reduce the impact on the environment.




Conservation of energy, water, paper and material inputs.

To know the value.





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